Global Biodiversity Standard

The world’s only international certification that specifically recognises and promotes the protection, restoration, and enhancement of biodiversity. 

The Global Biodiversity Standard addresses the challenge of tree planting programmes, some of which are inadvertently causing harm to our world’s ecosystems.

It provides assurance that tree planting, habitat restoration and agroforestry practices are protecting, restoring, and enhancing biodiversity.

The Standard applies the tried and tested expertise of the global botanical community, with the knowledge of local communities, to tree planting and restoration sites across the world.

The Public Consultation

The Global Biodiversity Standard (GBS) consortium of partners is excited to announce the launch of a public consultation. This important new initiative aims to drive improved outcomes for biodiversity, ecosystems and the communities that rely on them in support of the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework. All visitors to this website and all members of GBS partner organisations, as well as potential users of the GBS and other stakeholders are invited to participate. 

The consultation marks an important step in the development of the GBS and is being conducted ahead of a planned public announcement at COP28 to herald publication of the GBS technical specifications. COP28 takes place in the UAE beginning on 30 November. The consultation consists of 10 questions, each of which can be easily answered on a sliding scale from 0 to 10. It need only take a few minutes to complete. 

We look forward to receiving your insights and feedback.

Learn more about the Standard

The Global Biodiversity Standard: A new benchmark for nature positive solutions.

Driving improved outcomes for biodiversity, ecosystems and communities that rely on them in support of the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework. 

View the presentation here: GBS Survey – background information – updated

Take the survey now

Thank you for your interest, the Public Consultation period is now over and the survey has been closed. 

We received 167 responses, thank you to all who took the time to participate in this important step in the Global Biodiversity Standard initiative.