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It is critical that our approach to mitigating and adapting to climate change includes tackling the biodiversity crisis. Currently, many strategies in the public, charitable, and private sectors are failing to protect our natural world and deliver sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. 

If biodiversity and ecosystem services are not taken into account, existing net-zero strategies risk long-term failure.

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By becoming certified by our Standard, organisations can be assured that the initiatives they are backing are protecting, restoring, and enhancing natural ecosystems rather than contributing to their decline.

Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 15, adopting the Standard provides organisations with a scientifically robust certification so they can better demonstrate a commitment to biodiversity to investors and consumers around the world.

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The Global Biodiversity Standard will be delivered through our global network of botanical institutions and plant conservation experts, which includes local, scientific, trusted institutions across the world. BGCI’s broader membership includes 650 botanical and forestry technical partners in nearly every country in the world. Our ambition is for the Standard to be truly global.

By joining in the development and implementation of the Standard partners can ensure local knowledge and botanical expertise drives restoration efforts. 


The Global Biodiversity Standard is being developed closely alongside practitioners working in the conservation, botanical and tree planting communities. Currently in the trial phase, we welcome collaborating with your organisation to test our methodology and create one of the first workable solutions to the biodiversity crisis.


As a global network of biodiversity practitioners, we are able to provide your organisation with expertise and training on best practice tree planting and land management. Partnering with us gives you access to the largest global network of plant diversity knowledge, data, and skills to use in your own initiatives.


As a policymaker, you can endorse our Global Biodiversity Standard, and demonstrate your commitment to net zero strategies that protect and restore our biodiverse world. We ask that you provide support to our Global Standard, by publicly endorsing its use in tree planting initiatives as well as work with us on your own initiatives.


BGCI welcomes working with businesses to promote, protect and restore our biodiverse world. If you would like to hear more about how your organisation can support our mission through sponsorship opportunities, please get in contact with David Bartholomew, BGCI's Global Biodiversity Standard Manager.

In addition, you can support the development of the Standard through individual donations.

Why is biodiversity important?

One way to help the planet in the fight against climate change is through enhancing biodiversity

What is the Standard?

How we are aiming to make a difference through this initiative