June 2024 Special Announcement: TGBS Manual Now Available!

TGBS Special Announcement:

The Global Biodiversity Standard Manual Now Available!

TGBS assessors identifying trees during an assessment of a forest restoration project in India (Auroville Botanical Gardens).

We are thrilled to announce the publication of The Global Biodiversity Standard (TGBS): Manual for assessment and best practices. This publication marks a key milestone in the lead up to the standard’s launch at UN CBD COP-16 in Colombia later this year.

Developed through collaboration with leading global organisations and experts, this comprehensive manual aims to promote effective and high-quality biodiversity outcomes for restoration, tree planting, agroforestry, and other nature-based initiatives. Rigorously tested across diverse ecosystems and supported by key figures in the environmental sector, the official TGBS Manual sets a new benchmark for restoration projects worldwide. The manual is initially published in English, with translated versions in French, Portuguese, and Spanish to be released over the next few months. Dive into this vital resource and join us in our mission to protect, enhance, and restore global biodiversity.

Access the manual here

The Missouri Botanical Garden Madagascar hub with its team of certified assessors that use their local biodiversity expertise to assess restoration projects in the country.

Public Consultation Results: Strong Support for TGBS Methodology

In addition, we are excited to share the positive results from our public consultation led by JS Global Advisory. Conducted in the lead-up to UNFCCC COP-28, the consultation gathered valuable feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, emphasising strong support for the TGBS methodology. The results highlighted the importance of field surveys in assessing biodiversity impacts, confirmed the need for incorporating native and threatened species into projects and our model of using regional hubs with local biodiversity expertise to assess sites. This enthusiastic endorsement reinforces the significance of the TGBS Manual in guiding practitioners towards achieving superior biodiversity outcomes.

Access the full report here

Native tree planting in a tropical rainforest living collection restoration site in Malaysia (Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre).

Call for Action: Seeking Early Adopters Ahead of COP-16

As we look forward to the official launch at COP-16, we invite pioneering organisations and practitioners to become early adopters of this innovative standard. By joining us now, you will have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of global biodiversity restoration efforts, benefiting from tailored support, early access to resources and receive special recognition. Early adopters will play a crucial role in showcasing the practical application and effectiveness of the official TGBS methodology. If you are committed to making a significant impact on biodiversity and want to lead the way in sustainable restoration practices, we encourage you to get involved. Reach our if you are interested in becoming an early adopted and help us set the stage for a successful launch at COP-16. To become an early adopter, please get in touch.

Want to learn more about our method?

Join us on 22nd July 2024 as we dive deeper into the manual in our next TGBS webinar. Register now by clicking here.

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